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The Council has supported a the publication of several books, both under its ongoing Micronesian Authors Initiative and through the award of Community Grants for research and publication. The Micronesian Authors Initiative, established in 2004, gives priority to the publication of literary works of indigenous Micronesian authors.

The following titles were produced under the Council's Micronesian Authors Initiative:

Microchild: An Anthology of Poetry

by Valentine Sengebau.

2004. NMI Council for the Humanities. xiv + 68 pages. Foreword by Bonifacio Basilius. Illustrated with traditional Palauan images.



The Rope of Tradition: Reflections of a Saipan Carolinian

by Lino M. Olopai

2005. NMI Council for the Humanities. xviii + 242 pages. Bibliography. Numerous black and white and color illustrations.



by Juan A. Sanchez

2009. NMI Council for the Humanities, Saipan. vii +249. Glossary.




Without a Penny in my Pocket: My Bittersweet Memories Before and After World War II

by Marie S.C. Castro

2013. Northern Marianas Humanities Council. xvi + 181.  Numerous black and white photographs.



When Cultures Clash: Revisiting the 'Spanish-Chamorro Wars'

by Fr. Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

2015. Northern Marianas Humanities Council. viii + 99 pages. Bibliography, notes, and illustrations.




Edge of Empire: The German Colonial Period in the Northern Mariana Islands

Dr. Dirk HR SPennemann

2007. Retro Spect. vii + 394 pages. Bibliography, index, and numerous maps and illustrations.




Beyond Distances: Governance, Politics and Deportation to the Mariana Islands, 1870-1877

Dr. Carlos A.  Madrid

2006. Northern Mariana Islands Council for the Humanities. xiv + 254 pages. Apendices, index, numerous illustrations.



Tiempon I Manmofo'na

by Scott Russell

1998. NMI Divisionof Historic Preservation. x + 405 pages. Bibliography, index, numerous illustrations.



An Honorable Accord

by Howard Willens and Deanne Siemer

2001. University of Hawaii Press. 473 pages. Bibliography, index, illustrations.




History of the Mission in the Mariana Islands 1667-1673

by Peter Coomans (translated by Rodrigue Levesque)

1997. NMI Division of Historic Preservation. 88 pages. Index.


Oral Histories of the Northern Mariana Islands

by Howard Willens and Deanne Siemer

2007. NMI Division of Historic Preservation (Eight Volumes).



Micronesian Legends

by Nancy Bo Flood

2007. Bess Press. 207 pages. Illustrations




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