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The speaker on this tape is Ikirhep, a relatively young man from Satawal who passed
away in 1987 when he was in his mid-40's. He was a navigator, having taken command of his first voyage in 1969. The tape contains five songs and two stories. All explanations by the speaker are in parentheses ().

The tape begins with a continuation of the song from Tape 10 side B by the same
speaker. The first complete song on this tape is about navigators from Satawal. It
relates how they are not afraid of storms at sea and recalls their bravery and

The second song is about the navigator Wolofag from Woleai. Another rendition is
contained on Tape 6 as the first song on that tape and was recited by Ineniugman. As with the song on Tape 6 this too is in the Woleaian dialect of Carolinian.

The third song is about the expoits of a navigator named Pwupwas. The speaker says he doesn't know much about the origins of the name or the person, as it is a very old song.

The fourth song is about an unnamed navigator who is ready to commence a voyage. But after his canoe is in the water he must wait for his crew who are still on the island saying their farewells to their families.

The fifth song is about the exploits of another unnamed navigator who is designated
"rhappin woag" which is a sort of title which is given to navigators of high stature.
The first story appears on the tape after the fifth song. It is a legend about Souwenima, the spirit whose magic brings driftwood close to the island. Driftwood is significant to Satawal because floating logs often are accompanied by large schools of fish, and may also be used for construction of canoes or houses.

The final story is a legend about the spirit Wung who taught a woman the magic of
breadfruit and other useful trees and plants on land. This is a long story, and is
continued on Tape 12 Side A.

Angelina Nesepailug McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
September 1988

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