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This tape begins with two songs by Naitimwai, a woman of Satawal who passed away in February, 1989. This is followed by a song about Saipan by Epeimwai, a man of Satawal, then two more by Naitimwai. The first of these two, designated as #4 on this tape, is identified by the speaker as being a continuation of a song previously sung.  Unfortunately she does not identify which song it was, and from the content it is not possible to determine where it belongs .

Numbers 6 and 7 are songs by Epeimwai, the latter is a repeat as that by Naitimwai
sung as number 1 on this tape. Epeimwai's songs designated #8 and #9 on this tape
were also previously recited by speakers on other tapes. Number 10 is a song by
Epeimwai about Saipan. Number 11 by Epeimwai is once again one that previously
occurred on an earlier tape by a different speaker. Numbers 12 through 18 are all songs by Epeimwai, with 14 and 18 having been previously recorded by other speakers.

Angelina Nesepailug McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
March, 1989

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