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The only speaker on this tape is Reppuanglap, a navigator from Satawal who was one of the men (along with his brother Repuanglug) to sail a canoe from Satawal to Saipan in 1970. The first story is about sailing of canoes from Satawal in general, beginning with Agrupw and his colonization of Saipan, up through the voyages to Saipan of the last 18 or 19 years, and the canoe sailed to Okinawa from Satawal in 1975.

The second item, also by Reppuanglap, begins part way through the second side of the tape and is a short explanation of why the younger men of Satawal are now learning to sail canoes. There are some parts of this portion of the tape that are not clear because of background noise. After this discussion by Reppuanglap, the person who is doing the taping asks several questions regarding what Reppuanglap has said. The answers to these questions merely repeat what was included earlier and has thus not been transcribed.

Angelina Nesepailug McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
April, 1989

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