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The first story is by Leyangoitig, a woman of Satawal, and tells of the voyage(s) from
Satawal to Saipan by Agrupw. (This speaker confuses the Spanish with the Germans
and is not very rational in her explanations of how Agrupw purchased the rights to
colonize Saipan).

The second story is a short one by Relugmwai, a man of Satawal, who also describes
the voyages of Agrupw to Saipan. Number three is a song by Nagieburh, a woman of
Satawal. This song was already completed by Ineniugman on tape 1, side A as number 2. The fourth item is a story, also by Nagieburh, who says that the navigator Giurhiun actually preceded Agrupw in reaching Saipan, but did not go onto the island. The fifth is a story by Laipolur which tells of both Agrupw's voyages as well as the later one by Reppuanglug and his crew. Number six is a song which was already completed by Ineniugman on Tape 1, as number 4. The final item by Reppuangnap on Side A of Tape 19 is a copy of the last portion of the story by the same speaker (number 1 on Tape 18, side A). The part which has been evidently re-taped onto Tape 19 starts with the third paragraph of the transcription of Tape 18 on page 4.

Side A also includes some irrelevant discussion between the interviewer and one of the speakers, Nagieburh, which has not been included in this transcription as it adds nothing to the stories or songs. The entire contents of Tape 19, side B, are exactly the same as those on Tape 18, side B.

Angelina Nesepailug McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
April 1989

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