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On Side A of Tape 21 there are only two stories which have not appeared elsewhere on the tapes. Story number 1 is by Luguto, one of the current chiefs of Satawal, and it relates the exploits of the Satawal Chief Agrupw and his voyages to Saipan. Story
number 6 is told by a speaker who is not readily identified by the transcribers. However the name "Steven Annismar" is shown on the list provided by the Historic Preservation Office as being one of the speakers on Tape 21. This name is not known to the translators as being anyone from Satawal; although our best guess is it might be an old man named "Mangur".

Of the other stories on side A, all have been previously recorded and appear on tape 19, side A in the same order they appear on this tape. Story number 2 by Leyangoitig appeared on tape 19 as number 1; story number 3 by Relugmwai appeared on tape 19 as number 2; story number 4 by Nagieburh appeared on tape 19 as number 3. This latter story was also told on tape 14, number 6 by Inenugman. Number 5 on this tape was copied from number 4 on tape 19.

The end of side A contains a story by Remai, another of the current chiefs of Satawal. This is continued onto the beginning of side B and is also about Agrupw and his voyaging to Saipan. The speaker mentions another voyage by a Satawal navigator, Reiuto, who was lost with his canoe and crew on their return to Satawal from Saipan whose fate is unknown.

Side B contains a song by Remai (number 8) which was previously recorded by Ikirhep on tape 10 as number 8. This is followed by a story told by Pisailug about the voyage in 1970 to Saipan by the navigators Reppuanglug and Reppuanglap (the speaker's father). Number 10 is a song by Pisailug, also about the 1970 voyage. This is followed by six short songs by Epeimwai, and one by Ikirhep.

Angelina Nesepailug McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
April, 1989

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