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This tape contains five songs, all by Ineniugman, a woman of Satawal who passed away in early 1989. The first song she says is the continuation of another, however we have been unable to identify the one which was not completed. The speaker doesn't identify it, and it cannot be determined through its content. The second song is a lament about the navigator Werhag who was lost with his canoe on a voyage. The third song is also from Woleai.

On Side B of the tape, the fourth song is another lament about the navigator Werhag
from Woleai. Both this and #2 are in the Woleaian dialect of Carolinian. The fifth and
last song is a lament from Satawal about the navigator Rewaew who was also lost at
sea. Rewaew was from Ifaluk, married to a woman on Satawal. He was lost along with his two young teen-age sons, Pieisan and Yoangonarhig.

Angelina N. McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
June, 1989

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