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The speaker on this tape is Ikirhep, a relatively young man from Satawal who passed
away in 1987. He was a navigator, having taken command of his first voyage in 1969. The tape contains one song and one story. The story is continued onto tape number 10.

The song which is first on the tape is about a a navigator (name not given) and is a type of song called "wur". After each phrase the speaker gives an explanation which in the transcription is set off in parentheses ().

The story which follows the song is about Panuwnap, and the beginnings in Carolinian folklore as to how navigation of canoes was first introduced. At several points in this story the person who is doing the tape recording has interjected queries and questions which are answered by the speaker. These have been omitted in the transcription as they do not add to the story. Rather they represent only the fact that the person doing the recording was not completely following the story.

Angelina Nesepailug McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
September, 1988

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