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Community Grants Projects

"Ketungo [Let's Learn] Chamorro Season 2" by Valentina Rivera

Ketungo Chamorro is an online Chamorro language education series that teaches viewers Chamorro grammar, vocabulary, poems, and even recipes.

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"Tip of the Spear" by Sophia Perez

Saipan-based journalist Sophia Perez interviews Mariana Islanders and experts across the Pacific about their perspective on the US military presence in the Marianas.

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"Reduction" of the Marianas  Resettlement into Villages under the Spanish by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

" My thanks to David Atienza and Carlos Madrid for their assistance in steering
me to valuable materials and in critiquing earlier drafts of this study. Ron and
Mary Castro provided the important help in enhancing illustrations and laying out
the booklet that I could have never managed on my own. Honora Tenorio of the
Northern Marianas Humanities Council always answered my calls for assistance
along the way. Without her and the support of the Northern Marianas Humanities
Council, the organization that provided much of our funding, this work would have
never made it into print." - Francis X. Hezel, SJ

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