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30th Anniversary Financial Pledge

Thank you, si Yu’us ma’åsi’, and olomwaay for making a donation pledge to the Northern Marianas Humanities Council.  Donations of up to $5,000 in a tax year may be applied as an Education Tax Credit against CNMI taxes imposed on wages and salaries or earnings.

As we reflect on 30 YEARS of providing high quality humanities programs and activities to the CNMI community, we remember and honor the kindness and generosity of individuals and businesses that choose to invest in the humanities in support of our mission to navigate and explore the human experiences of the indigenous and diverse peoples of the Commonwealth by enriching their lives through research, dialogue, programs, and publications.

Note: Making a financial pledge will not legally bind you to making a cash contribution to the Council.  Your pledge will allow us to contact you to discuss in detail the options for making actual contributions and obtaining a receipt for tax purposes.

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