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It is the Northern Marianas Humanities Council's mission to navigate and explore the human experiences of the indigenous and diverse peoples of the Commonwealth by enriching their lives through research, dialogue, programs, and publications.



Northern Marianas Humanities Council would like to share our recent news update.

November 27, 2020Marianas Variety - Humanities Council, PSS to launch media academy for high school students
October 27, 2020Marianas Variety - Humanities Council Honors its Founder, Daniel Nielsen
October 27, 2020Saipan Tribune - Humanities Awards Honor 4
October 26, 2020Marianas Variety - 4 Receive Governor's Humanities Award
October 06, 2020Marianas Variety - October is Humanities Month
October 06, 2020Saipan Tribune - October is Humanities Month
September 25, 2020 Saipan Tribune - Humanities Council donates $10k to 'Racism in America project
June 24, 2020Marianas Variety - June is CNMI Pride Month
June 22, 2020Saipan Tribune - Deadline nears for NMHC Pride Talks Writing Contest
June 19, 2020Saipan Tribune - Life Conversations at "Your Humanities Half Hour"
June 18, 2020 Saipan Tribune - Humanities Council Awards COVID-19 Relief Grants
June 11, 2020Marianas Variety - Humanities Council to hold PRIDE writing competition
June 04, 2020Marianas Variety - Robert Hunter Named Senior Policy Advisor
May 04, 2020Marianas Variety - Northern Marianas Humanities Council announces Covid-19 relief grant for cultural non-profits and participants in humanities programming
April 24, 2020 Saipan Tribune - More funding for the Marianas amidst COVID-19 pandemic
January 27, 2020 Marianas Variety - Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 78: Ugly GOP for MLK Day — Give Dems a Chance!!!
January 23, 2020 Marianas Variety - D&Q, Saipan Ice support tourism summit
January 08, 2020 Marianas Variety - Speakers set for tourism summit on Jan. 23
October 28, 2019Saipan Tribune - Five named humanities awardees
October 03, 2019Saipan Tribune - Deadline to submit Humanities Awards nominees
September 30, 2019Saipan Tribune - Telling the Marianas story from a local perspective

Your Humanities Half Hour Click the photo below to hear the latest interview:

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