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This tape contains six items by Epeimwai, a man from Satawal who was still living as of February, 1989. The first story is about early contacts with Saipan and Guam. This is followed by a song (iumaw) about a navigator from Puluwat who sailed to Saipan. The third item is another song (iumaw).

Number 4 is a story about contacts between Satawal and Saipan; number 5 is about the Satawal navigator Agrupw and his exploits on Saipan. During this story the speaker is continually interrupted by whoever is doing the taping to ask generally irrelevant questions and to prompt him.

The final song is identical to the first sung by Ikirhep on Tape 10 and has not been
repeated here.
Angelina Nesepailug McCoy
Mike A. McCoy
March, 1989

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