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Humanities Friday’s


 Sophia Perez - Tip of the Spear: How Mariana Islanders See Their Relationship with the US Military

Maureen Sebangiol, Marilynn Marron, & Pam Brown - Meet Soroptimist's of the Northern Mariana Islands. 

Hanna Jugo -  Adaptive Strategies to Food Insecurity within the Chuukese Community of Guam.

Fu’una Sanz - I Tinilaikan Numiru gi Fino’ CHamoru: Changes in Chamorro Plurality.

Thomas Mangloña - Democracy and the Informed Citizen. 

Vana Quichocho -  Håyi Ham På’go: Understanding How Chamoru Identity and Acculturation Styles Affect the Psychological Well-
Being of Third Generation World War II Chamoru People in Guam. 

Joey P. San Nicholas & Kimberly King-Hinds - Ti Un Chuli’ Hulu’ Gi Langhet

Kayle Tydingco - Tiningo’ Famalåo’an: Oral Histories & Non-fiction Stories of Chamorro Women

Arielle Lowe - Pakaka i Pachot-mu! Chamoru Yu'! An Analysis of Guam's Chamaole Narratives

Leonard Leon - Super Typhoon Yutu: The Human Experience 


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